The gooptar is a fictional species in the Goop series. They are the dominant species on the planet Gooptonia, and they mostly reside in the Gooptar Kingdom ruled by Princess Blossom. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, all unique.

Basic AnatomyEdit

Male gooptars are usually a foot shorter than the females. Male gooptars' main characteristics are their duckbills, their oversized stubby hands, and the large crest on the back of their head (these crests come in a variety of shapes). They have small tails, which are usually pointed upwards. The irises of their eyes are the same color as their skin. Their nostrils, although not generally visible, are on the underside of their bills.

Female Gooptars are mostly the same, although they are about a foot taller and they have thinner arms.

Known GooptarsEdit

Gooptar CrestsEdit

One of a gooptar's most distinguishing features is their crest. Each gooptar shown in the comic has a differently-shaped crest, to distinguish each one from another.

  • Bing: Curled forward like a pompadour or quiff
  • Captain Grum: Curves sharply upwards
  • Goop: Normal shape, but with a fin on the underside
  • Princess Blossom: Long and hanging like a ponytail haircut
  • Marco: Very long and hanging
  • Tawnya: Tipped with spikes